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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Elektromotive heads to Belgium and Luxembourg

UK based Elektromotive is making headway in the electric vehicle recharging market after appointing ThePluginCompany to install networks of charging stations across Belgium and Luxembourg.

Pilot schemes will begin almost straightaway, with 20 Elektrobay units to be installed in the country by the end of the year with further rollouts planned in 2010.

The first project starts in Brussels at the headquarters of LeasePlan, the world’s largest vehicle management and leasing provider. Installations at other LeasePlan locations will follow next year, supporting the company’s commitment to increasing the availability of both low and zero emission vehicles within its European fleet.

In addition, Elektromotive and The PluginCompany will work together to educate businesses and legislators in Belgium and Luxembourg about the benefits of zero emission motoring as well as the need for compatible recharging infrastructures. They will then detail the steps that can be taken to quickly implement the Elektrobay networks ahead of the arrival of new electric and plug-in hybrids which are scheduled to be launched over the next three years.

The first Elektrobay was introduced in Westminster, London, in 2006 and by December 2009 there will be more than 120 across the capital with a further 90 charging stations installed in cities and shopping centres around the UK. Elektromotive has also exported its technology to the Netherlands, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Germany and Sweden.


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