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Friday, January 1, 2010

Middletown native travels to Luxembourg for semester

When Hannah Bentz, 19, started her freshman year at Miami University of Ohio, she thought she wanted to major in business.
From the start, though, she didn't like it. Gentz, of Middletown , said she always had an interest in history and foreign cultures and decided to take a political science class. Soon, she switched her major to diplomacy and foreign affairs.

This month, Gentz will go to Luxembourg to continue her studies abroad for a semester.

She'll stay with a host family in Differdange, Luxembourg, a part of the trip she thinks will give her insights into the local culture that staying in a dorm would not.

Among history, political science and marketing courses, Gentz will take a French class, one of several languages commonly spoken in Luxembourg, she said.

Gentz has already purchased her Eurorail train pass, and plans to travel as much as her free time allows.

"I like seeing other cultures and ways of life, and hopefully, I can incorporate that into my work someday," she said.

This summer, Gentz will help organize a model United Nations summer camp at Frederick 's UNESCO Center for Peace.

While she's in Europe, she'll promote the camp and its broader ideals of maintaining peace in the world, she said.

"I would love to work for an international organization someday," she said.

Bentz said she also plans to keep up her international travels. She wants to visit some other countries in Europe she hasn't seen, and Australia and Russia.

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